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What does TPi stand for?


What does TPi stand for?
Titleist Performance Institute – www.mytpi.com

What is the Titleist Performance Institute?
Titleist has always been a leader in the golf industry and their golf fitness program is no exception. The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) was established in 2003 by Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Phillips who host the Golf Fitness Academy on the Golf Channel. The World’s leading Professional golfers are all with TPI and now you have the opportunity to experience the same physical assessment and fitness training the pros do, regardless of your age, current fitness level or handicap

TPI Physical Testing and Fitness Training will improve your health and your game
The physical assessment will identify physical imbalances and a Golf Fitness Handicap (GFH) will be established. The GFH is equivalent to a golf handicap in terms of your physical capabilities. The fitness program is designed to correct those imbalances and improve stability, mobility, flexibility, balance, posture, strength and power. Improved physical fitness levels will increase endurance, injury prevention, prevent/reduce or eliminate back pain and improve performance.

With your assessment results and swing video (which I use for physical assessment purposes only not for swing instruction) has proven to be a tool they can use to better understand your physical abilities. The team approach to player improvement through swing instruction and improved fitness is proven to be very successful for golfers of levels. Regardles of your current fitness level, age or handicap.


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