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Obtaining a Handicap

Only members of the club are entitled to hold an official handicap at Katameya Dunes. Katameya Dunes operates the CONGU system for handicapping, the official handicap system operated in Egypt.

There are 2 ways to obtain a handicap at Katameya Dunes

If you have held an official handicap in the past or you have existing current handicap at another club…

If you have held an official handicap in the past, or you have an existing handicap you should advise the club of this and provide information to support this handicap as requested by the club. The club may require that new scorecards be submitted to help allocate the appropriate handicap

If you have not held a handicap in the past and therefore are obtaining your first ever handicap…

To obtain a handicap a player is required to submit at least 3 scorecards over 18 holes on any of the course combinations at Katameya Dunes.

Each card must be signed by a responsible person acceptable to Club Management. Any score of 2 over par for men and 3 over par for ladies shall be amended to 2 [3] over par respectively by the club (this should not be done by the player)

After these adjustments have been made an Exact Handicap (whole number) will be allocated.

Members should submit the card to Pro-Shop and clearly indicate on the card that the scorecard is for “handicap allocation” purposes and also indicate which tee was used for the round. (Please see below reference SSS ratings)

For further information on handicapping at Katameya Dunes, please contact gerard.bent@katameyadunes.com


Maintaining a Handicap and Supplementary Scores

A players must feel that his handicap is being pro-actively administered and that it is “moving” to accurately reflect his playing ability.

To ensure this handicap can be altered in two following ways:


All individual tournaments at Katameya Dunes are run through the computerized handicap system software – handicapmaster- This automatically adjusts members handicaps according to the CONGU adjustment system. For further information on these adjustments please ask.

Members should also advise us of scores they have in tournaments at other clubs. These will be entered manually into the system and then an adjustment would be made.

Supplementary Scores – the key to the success of the handicap system

Members are encourage to submit ALL scorecards from every round they play. These will be entered into the system as if a competitive round was played. Simply ensure that you write “supplementary score” on the scorecard, which tees were used, and also ensure that there is one card per person.

It may be introduced that members MUST submit a minimum number of cards, tournament and supplementary, in order to play in club competitions. We therefore encourage members to submit all their score cards.

Members Handicaps

For Member Handicap List By Master Score Board (Click Here)
*For further information about handicapping and tournaments please contact Gerard Bent at Gerard.bent@katameyadunes.com
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