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Junior Golf - Programs
  • The Cyclone – Ages 5/6/7
    • The Cyclone is the perfect junior golf school for teaching fundamentals. It focuses on developing all the fundamental movement skills. Various safe and fun stations are created to not only include traditional golf elements such as swing, putting chipping etc, but also crucial physical development stations.
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  • The Smash Zone – Ages 8/9/10
    • The Smash Zone is our second level junior Golf School. SMASH stands for STABILITY, MOBILITY, ABC’s SPORT SKILLS, HONE your golf skills. Each class consists of a dynamic warm up and deliberate practice stations. Still with a strong focus on fun the juniors will learn the key physical elements required for the age along with appropriate golf skills


  • The Wave  - Ages 11-14
    • The Wave focuses on 6 key stations including swing mechanics, speed and stamina, deliberate practice, competing. This level further enhances thier Golf skills as well as teaching them to be competitors.


  • Elite Junior Development Program or Golf For Life Program


The structure of the stations within the program are adaptable to suit variety of abilities. What is important is that the juniors are learning the key physical and technical element specific for their age.

The Elite Junior Program is currently only offered on an individual basis. The program is designed to develop the junior player into an elite competitive player with all aspects of tournament golf covered. The Elite Junior Program has no handicap restriction, it is for a junior who is dedicated to putting the appropriate amount of time in all development aspects to be a competitive golfer.
For further information please contact Gerard on Gerard.bent@katameyadunes.com

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