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Advanced Technology Lessons

Our studio is one of the most advanced Golf Academies in the world with technology seen nowhere else.

Video Lesson
Tiger has used this, Lee Westwood has used it, and so can YOU. V1 Pro is the #1 video swing analysis systems with the state of the art launch monitors for ball tracking. The keen player will learn much during this type of lesson. Hundreds of thousands of golfers, professionals and amateurs, alike world-wide have had their games improved via this technology. V1 technology with launch monitor can help any golfer reduce their handicap.

Same rate as Individual lesson but will be at the digression of the coach to decide when to use the system 

SAM Putting Laboratory

Only SAM Lab in Egypt we offer a service no other facility can match.
If you want to improve your putting and reduce your handicap this is a MUST for any golfer, it is the Ultimate Putting Training System.
Very popular with professionals. Many national teams use this system to improve this vital part of the golf game.

This system gives you immediate feedback on your putting strokes. The analysis reveals the smallest details of your movements and enables you to improve and develop more effective training strategies. SAM Putt Lab utilizes ultrasound sensory analysis and therefore is far more exact than any other similar system on the market. A reduction of handicap is guaranteed!

"You can have good weeks putting badly, and vice versa, but this machine is a great help with those things even a coach cannot see" 
Padraig Harrington (3 time Major Winner & European Tour Player)

Launch Monitor

FlightScope® introduced the world’s first-ever 3D Doppler Tracking Golf Radar, a state-of-the-art, portable indoor-outdoor 3D ball-flight and club tracking device, with capabilities far beyond traditional launch monitor technology. Compared to golf launch monitor technology, FlightScope provides accurate, reliable and user friendly results.
FlightScope 3D Doppler Tracking Radar technology is unaffected by sunlight or weather conditions like rain, fog, humidity, air pressure or temperature.
FlightScope can measure any golf ball, every time without having to mark the ball with complex lines that smudge. Compared to launch monitors, FlightScope is simple and measures golf shots every time. FlightScope is used for golf instruction, swing analysis, club fitting and club recommendation in golf retail stores around the world. FlightScope also is used for personal practice by tour professionals and amateur golfers alike.

Geoff Ogilvy:
Winner of the 2010 SBS Championship and a former US Open Champion uses FlightScope

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