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Men’s Open

  Gross Net  
2019 Abd El Monem El Shafei Yasushi Inada  
2018 Abd El Monem El Shafei Mohamed Salah  
2017 Abd El Monem El Shafei Qi Li   
2016 Abd El Monem El Shafei Bassem Youssef   
2015 Issa Abou El Ela   Doug Lynch   
2014 Mamdouh El Shiekh Ahmed Moselhi  
2013 Steve Mellor Dean John  
2012 Thomas Faucher Charlie Coles  
2011 Mamdouh El Shiekh John Saenz  

Ladies open

  Gross Net  
2019 Tegi Williams  Christina Betourne  
2018 Charlotte Betourne  Sophie Issa  
2017 Sophie Issa  Sabine Repond  
2016 Charlotte Betourne  ………………  
2015 Farah Abou El Ela  Michiyo Takahashi  
2014 Nazly Scarello Farah Aboul Ela  
2013 Sabine Repond Cherylanne Vickers  
2012 Hye Sook Lim Sabine Repond  

Club Championship

  Men Ladies Junior
2018 Doug Lynch Sophie Issa Charlotte Betourne
2017 Doug Lynch Sabine Repond Ramy Lakah
2016 Doug Lynch Sabine Repond Charlotte Betourne
2015 Mike Kidd Sabine Repond Stewart McLean
2014 Laurent Betourne Kim Barbato Alex Kidd
2013 Mike Kidd Sabine Repond Alex Kidd
2012 Steve Mellor Sophie Issa Andrew McLean
2011 Troy Kunz Sophie Issa Dominic Coutts

Player of the year

  Gross Net  
2019 Doug Lynch Laurent Betourne  
2018 Doug Lynch Hesham Tarraf  
2017 Doug Lynch Ahmed Habib  
2016 Courtney Bailey  Hamish Esslemont   
2015 Mike Kidd Hesham El Baddaly  
2014 Steve Mellor Michael kidd  
2013 Steve Mellor Dean John  
2012 Troy Kunz Duke Park  

Ladies Player of the year

  Gross Net  
2019 Christina Betourne  Christine Downey   
2018 Sabine Repond  Tegi Williams   
2017 Sabine Repond  Tegi Williams   
2016 Sabine Repond  Ulrica Stiernspetz   
2015 Sabine Repond Ulrica Stiernspetz  
2014 Sabine Repond Ulrica Stiernspetz  
2013 Sabine Repond Cherylanne Vickers  
2012 Sophie Issa Vonnie Brown  

Junior Player of the year

  Gross Net  
2018 Charlotte Betourne Ramy Lakah  
2016 Dominic Coutts Stewart McLean  
2015 Stewart McLean Dominic Coutts  
2014 Alex Kidd Daniel Chipchase  
2013 Bill Kidd Stewart McLean  
2012 Bill Kidd Dominic Coutts  

Men's individual Matchplay

  Champion Runner Up  
2018/2019 Doug Lynch Yasushi Inada  
2017 Phil Downey Mark Fearn  
2016 Gary Ryer Courtney Bailey  
2015 Mark Fearn Fraser Christie  
2014 Ronald Coutts Mark Fearn  
2013 Jim Brown Mark Fearn  
2012 Mike Kidd Ashraf Hamdy  

Men’s pairs Matchplay

2017 Ahmed Ismail  Ahmed Habib  
2016 James Brown  Mark Fearn  
2015 Brad Steer Phil Downey  
2014 Keith Chipchase Steve Mellor  
2013 Kim Nerenhausen Brad Whitfield  
2012 Troy Kunz Grady Ables  

Mixed pairs Matchplay

2018/2019 Nicky Dyer
Tim Hoban  
2018 Doug Lynch
Charlotte Betourne  
2017 Doug Lynch
Charlotte Betourne  
2016 Vonnie Brown James Brown  
2015 Brad Steer Betsy Steer  
2014 Keith Chipchase Carolina Chipchase  
2013 James Brown Vonnie Brown  
2012 Suzie Blazer Charlie Coles  

Dunes Team Captain

2019 Robert Kendall     
2018 Laurent Betourne     
2017 Jim Brown     
2016 Don McLean     
2015 Mike Kidd     
2014 Steve Mellor     






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